Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Twin Boys!!!

And well-endowed ones, too!  (Don't worry, you can't see that in the ultrasounds....)

That's their two heads right there, I'm told.  I don't get it... I just figured they were practicing their basic math skills in the womb by sketching an 8 in Debby's side.

Everybody says that now we really can call our kids Nathaniel and Superfly, which Debby doesn't seem too keen on. She suggested Kenny and Ches to me, which I wasn't too keen on either (besides, Kenny would die every 30 minutes).  Now taking suggestions.

Next step: buy one of those in-utero maternity MP3 players, lock it on Debby's belly, and have it blast Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Muppet Show reruns 24/7!


  1. Excellent, excellent news. Hmmm, Bill and Ted, Paul and Art, Charlie and Linus, George and Ringo.... I'll stop now before the baby-baker dissolves our friendship.

  2. Dee says she sees you as a Braydon and Dallas kinda guy......Me personally, the one thing I can give you advice on, just cut out the early years and name them what you will be calling them in their teen years....Dammit Boy and Ben Dover.