Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saints vs. Vikings preview:

Courtesy of the Onion, let's take a break from deep doctoral thoughts and explorations of organizational psychology... and look at the true matchups heading into Thursday's NFL kickoff game between the Saints and the Vikings:

Also, I'm thinking of ending the Kenny Chesney references.  Too many country music fans are linking here, apparently... and a couple of them are complaining. What do you think?

More soon.  I'm working on a post sharing some amazing information about psychology....


  1. Did you hear the Chesney reference during the LSU game on Saturday night? I thought about you!

  2. Sadly I heard it and sadly I thought of Jim as well. 2 Amens and a hoorah for the ending of any and all Kenny Chesney references. Geaux Saints!!!!

  3. Don't do it! The Kenny Chesney references are great. Not to mention, they tie all of your writings together nicely.